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6-8 Visual Art

Welcome to our BLMS visual art site! 
Here you can find class updates and featured work from student artists. Enjoy!
-Congratulations to all our students featured in the Delta Fair Art Show, especially our own Mauriz & Bethy for taking 2nd & 9th Place!
-Art Club this Wednesday 9/20/17 until 4:15

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7E 3D Forms Assignment

Create a drawing composition incorporating 3D forms. You may have 1 large 3D form or multiple smaller 3D forms. The drawing itself does not need to be realistic, but the shading on the forms must be realistic with smooth transitions and a value range of 5 or more. Sketches must be approved by Mrs. Smith prior to beginning on final paper.


All students are currently working on creating sketchbooks and portfolios from scratch to use throughout the year. These projects have an emphasis on self-expression and a skill we've practiced is hand lettering.