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Please fill out the forms and return as well (photo release and consent form)
MLGW will be hosting an Engineering Workshop on Tuesday, September 12 from 4pm - 6pm at the MLGW Joyce Blackmon Training Center located at 4949 Raleigh-LaGrange (at Covington Pike.)  Please indicate on the A-Blazing Race registration form, if you and/or your team plan to attend the Engineering Workshop where will begin the distribution of  the model solar car kits.
A limited number of engineering advisors are available to visit schools to provide information and feedback regarding the design and build process. Please complete the A-Blazing Race registration form so that we may assign an advisor to your team(s.

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Sign up for remind by texting the number 81010 and in the message portion type @blmstem
STEM is in full force. Students have selected their unit of study for the nine week period, materials have been brought in or distributed, and students are working on their projects. Please ask your child what unit of study they have selected, so you know which information posted on this site applies to them. Below is what each group is working on.

IMPORTANT: We will be sending home media release forms specifically for our STEM class and our multiple media formats. Please sign and return those forms promptly, so we may begin sharing the great work we are doing at Bon Lin with everyone.

Coding: Students work at their own pace, so everyone will be at different spots. However, they will work through series of missions on to learn various skills sets around coding.

Towers, Shapes, and Trusses: Students are working on building trusses , then testing their designs. Each test should yield data that will help students improve their designs. Students will keep design and data journals.

Cardboard Beam & Flash Build: Students are working on designs to build a cardboard beam capable of carrying 250+ pounds over a two foot span. They already have their design ideas, and are in the process of building their beams. They should complete their beams for testing by the end of this week. Students will keep design and data journals.

Transportation & Egg Drop: Students are building their egg drop boxes. They should complete their first box and test by Friday. Students will keep design and data journals.

Solar Cars: Students are constructing their first solar car prototype. We do not have all of the supplies from the University of Memphis yet, but we are making due with our lab supplies. Students should complete their first prototype by Friday for testing. Students will keep design and data journals.