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March Mammal Madness Intro and BW (Mrs. Farrell)

Okay guys---here we go.  You will need to open the keynote and save only the critter you are assigned to get back to me to add to the final one.  You may not change the background nor the pictures but may add more images.  I have done the gorilla as an example for you.  Look on the board to see which animal you are assigned.  Look for the team name and then then animal number under the team....make sure you get the right one

Q3W9 (3/2-3/6)

Spring Break is only two weeks away...Our quarter three test is scheduled for this Friday (3/6) due to conflicts the following week. This is cumulative for the year. We hope to spend a one day this week reviewing each of the three disciplines (life, earth, and physical sciences) separately but students should spend a few minutes each night reviewing as well. In the event a student is absent this Friday, they should plan to take the test upon the day they return. Have a happy day!

Mr. Farrell- after TC

Work on me after you complete the TC

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