Bon Lin Middle School

7th Enriched (Period 5)

Course Description

This class meets three days a week.


Optional Oppotunities

I am offering some guided lessons and an opportunity to share whatever it is we are creating during our time at home.  Please check out the ideas that I have posted on the optional visual journals page.  If you would like to participate great.  If you would like to share other types of art you have created that is also a great idea.  I want to provide the opportunity to stay connected as a community.


We will turn in a digital portfolio that includes the work done so far this year.  This will be created and submitted in class on Monday.  On Tuesday we will work on the composition of our personal still life.  On Wednesday we will be taking our twenty question open note quiz and continuing to work on our still life drawing.

Q1 Week 6

This week we will take a twenty question open note quiz this week.  It is worth 40 points.  The seventh grade and eighth grade quiz will be over elements of art, parts of a still life and basic art terms.  

Welcome Back

The first two weeks of art have flown by and it is looking like it's going to be the best year ever.  Please make sure you have sent in your signed syllabus and art fee.  Next week we will begin instruction on using the computer to create a digital portfolio.  Your students will have their classwork loaded onto the computer by the end of next week.