Bon Lin Middle School

Bus Transportation Information UPDATE

Parents, please us the link below to access your student's bus information. 
When you put in the street name, it is important that you put in "Road," "Lane," "Cove," etc. The webpage has the correct abbreviations to use. For example, if your street is Madison Woods Lane, and you do not put Lane or the appropriate abbreviation, it may not pull up your bus information. 
If a bus has not been assigned to your address, please call the school at 901.347.1520 and give us your student's name. We will submit your address for a stop. Requested bus stops may not be available at the start of school, so be prepared to bring your student and pick them up until the Transportation department has assigned a bus and time for your address. 
  • Students should arrive at their designated stop 5 minutes before their assigned pick-up time.
  • Students should only use their assigned bus stop.
  • Students should only ride their assigned bus. Students are not allowed to ride a bus not assigned to their address.
Masks are required at all times while riding the bus to and from school.

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