Bon Lin Middle School

Virtual Student Pick Up after TN Ready Testing/Testing Schedule: Updated 4-7-21

If you're bringing your student to school for TN Ready testing, and picking them up once testing is done for the day, please note the maps indicating the drop off and pick up locations on campus.
We encourage any virtual student on campus to be picked up after testing. Virtual students will not have an opportunity to switch classes, and be in a central location for the remainder of the day, safely distanced from other students. 
Virtual students on campus will be at their designated car rider locations at the times indicated on the testing calendar. If you have more than one student you are picking up, tell the students which pick-up location to go to, and you can pick up both students at one location. 
Please see the testing calendar for when testing each day has concluded and virtual students should be picked up. 
Key Things to Remember:
  • Students need to be in homeroom no later than 8:00. Testing will begin as soon as possible, and students who arrive after 8:00 may not be able to get to their testing location. Those students will sit in the office until testing is over, and have to take a make-up test.
  • Laptops, phones, and smart watches cannot be at the desk with the student while they take the TN Ready Assessments. Those items will need to be put into their backpacks and placed at the front of the testing room, away from students, while test materials are out. 
  • Students should get plenty of rest the night before testing, and have breakfast in the morning. Virtual students can also get breakfast at school in the cafeteria, before heading to their testing location. We want the students to do their very best.