Bon Lin Middle School

Safety Drills

Parents, in light of recent events, we would like you to know that the faculty, staff, and students of Bon Lin Middle have conducted safety drills, including Lockdown drills for intruders, this school year.  We will be conducting these safety drills again in the upcoming days, helping to remind everyone of the procedures to follow to help keep our students and faculty safe in the event of an armed intruder.  
We do have a Bartlett Police officer assigned to our campus, and we are working with the Bartlett Police department to review our safety procedures for ways to improve the safety of our students and faculty during an emergency.
During a Lockdown procedure, teachers clear students from the hallways, bringing them into their rooms, shut and lock the doors, cover the windows, turn out all lights, and move the students away from the door.  In the event of an actual emergency, teachers have been instructed to not open the door for anyone other than first responders such as police or medical professionals.  We provide substitute teachers with room keys so they can lock classroom doors as well, and each teacher leaves copies of the Safety plans for the substitutes when they are off campus.
We ask all students to pay close attention to the teachers, and follow all directions during the event of a emergency.  
We want you to know that the safety of all our students is our top priority, and we are always looking for ways to improve our response to emergencies to protect our children.  
Thank you.