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Welcome to Mrs. Smith Science Class

Hello, Welcome to my website!

My name is Chandra Smith, and I am a sixth grade Science teacher. I can not wait to start the 2019-2020 school year.  I am ready to meet some new students and new favorite kids and have a great time learning this year.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:  PLEASE NOTE THE 2 AT THE END!

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6Th Grade Bell Schedule

Homeroom: 7:40-8:03

1st Period 8:06-9:09

2nd Period: 9:12-10:15

3rd Period + Lunch: 10:10-11:52

4th Period: 11:55-12:58

5th Period 1:01-2:04

6th Period 2:07-3:00





Recent Posts

Week of Feb. 1

This week we continue our energy unit.  This week we will focus on Energy transformation (Chapter 14, section 2).  There will be a brief quiz on Friday!
Thanks, and have a great week!

Week of Jan 25th

I hope everyone enjoyed a surprise long weekend!
We are making up the test today, and will begin our new unit tomorrow.  We will be working on Energy!  We will start with Chapter 14.  We will begin talking about the three different types of potential energy.  There will be a brief quiz on FRIDAY over these.
Have a great week!

Jan 18th

I hope everyone had a restful weekend!  
This week is a review week for a unit test on Friday.  Please see above study guide.

Week of Jan 11th

I hope you all had a restful break, I apologize for the lack of updates.  My computer has been having lots of trouble and I am now up and running with a loaner.
We are finishing up our unit on the sun, Earth, and moon system.  We will have a quiz on Friday, and will begin studying for a unit test.  This test will take place next Friday Jan. 22nd.  I will post a study guide next week.  This will be a big test, please help your students prepare!

Week of 11/23

With a short week this week, we are continuing to work on Solar system information.
I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!!

Week of 11/16

This week we are working on "Other bodies in the solar system" aka; asteroids, comets, and meteoroids.  There will be a short QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY on these.  The rest of the week we will work on solstices and equinoxes. 
Have a great week

WEEK OF 11/9

We have enjoyed watching and showing our planet presentations.  Tomorrow (Friday) we will have an open note, short quiz about the planets. 
We will wrap up the solar system next week, working on a model of solar system distance. 
On Wednesday we will begin our unit on the Sun, Earth, and Moon system. 
There will be Quiz on Friday!

Week of 11/2

This week, we have hit the pause button to review.  I want to make sure everyone has a good understanding of ocean currents before we move on.  That is what we will work on Tuesday-Thursday.  On Friday, students will be assigned a planet, and they will chose a short project to complete about their planet.  We will have class time Friday to work on it, and the weekend, and Monday to finish anything up, ask technical questions, and do finishing touches.  Projects will be DUE TUESDAY!

Week of 10/26

This week we are finishing up chapter 13 about currents and tides.  We will review Thursday for a TEST ON FRIDAY!  Study guides will go home tomorrow.

week of 10/5

This week we are wrapping up our weather unit.  We will have a test Thursday over fronts, clouds, and precipitation.  The students filled out their study guide in class today. 
We will also have a make up/redo day Wednesday.
Have a great week!

Week of 9/28

This week we start our studying Meteorological data,  We will look at clouds and weather fronts.
QUIZ on Friday!!

Week of 9/21

This week we will wrap up our unit on atmosphere, and there will be a test this Friday.  I have already given students their study guide, and we worked during class to start filling it out. 

Week of 9/14

We have another short week this week, as kids will be out Friday.  I look forward to parent teacher night on Thursday so I can put a face with some of the awesome parents we have!
For this week, we continue weather, focusing on wind and how it can impact weather patterns.  Since students are not here Friday, there will be a quiz on THURSDAY this week.  For those interested we are mainly focusing on Chapter 10.
Thanks, and have a great week!