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Welcome to Mrs. Smith Science Class

Hello, Welcome to my website!

My name is Chandra Smith, and I am a sixth grade Science teacher. I can not wait to start the 2019-2020 school year.  I am ready to meet some new students and new favorite kids and have a great time learning this year.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:  PLEASE NOTE THE 2 AT THE END!

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6Th Grade Bell Schedule

Homeroom: 7:40-8:03

1st Period 8:06-9:09

2nd Period: 9:12-10:15

3rd Period + Lunch: 10:10-11:52

4th Period: 11:55-12:58

5th Period 1:01-2:04

6th Period 2:07-3:00





Recent Posts

Labor Day week

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!!
Tuesday we will have our first FIT day.  FIT stands for Failure Isn't Tolerated.  On these days I will have opportunities for students to make up missing work, redo quizzes and tests that were failed, and do extra credit. 
Wednesday, we will be back to science learning how the sun heats the Earth.
Have a great week!

Week of 8/31

It's Official!!!
Science is starting.  We have spent the last few weeks studying the scientific method, but on Monday we will start our weather unit. 
We will have a special guest come to speak to the students on Monday about the weather!  It will be really awesome!  Make sure to ask your students when they come home on Monday!
We will have a quiz on Friday over atmospheric layers.

Week of 4/27

It's the big week!  We are going over material and test taking strategies.  My homeroom will be allowed to bring snacks and water bottles for tcap days.

Week of 4/20

It is officially a week before the big test, so we are in review mode aka CAMP I'M-A-BOSS-AT-TCAP.  We will be reviewing hard this week and students will be allowed to bring snacks on certain days, and they are allowed to have a blanket all week.  We are going to be working our brains extra hard, so I am trying to make our bodies more comfortable.

Week of 4/13

We are starting our TCAP review and we will be using a really neat program called Kahoot.  It is an online quiz system that allows students to answer individually to questions I have set up.  They can do this using their phones, or computers I provide.  I can then use this information to see exactly where students are. 
We will also be using computer to do virtual labs and web quests this week to refresh our memories on difficult content.
Thanks, and have a great week!

Week of 3/29

We are going to work quickly through chapter 3.  It is an easy chapter and is really a review chapter for us.
There will be a quiz Thursday.
Have a great week!

Week of 3/23

Welcome back!
I hope all had a restful and relaxing spring break. 
We are getting back into the swing and reviewed what we learned yesterday.  Today we are working on the last skill for this chapter.  There will be a quiz over symbiotic relationships WEDNESDAY, and a test of chapter 2 on FRIDAY.

Week of 3/2/15

This week
We are starting life science unit, and starting chapter 2.
There will be a quiz on WEDNESDAY.
Wednesday and Friday are planned lab days, as long as the weather holds out.
Next week
I am planning for the test over this chapter to be the following WEDNESDAY the 11th.
For Thursday and Friday of that week, we will do a FIT day/make up day and review.

Week of 2/23

Well, since we were out Monday, we are going to have a very busy week in class. 
FRIDAY will be our test over chapter 8, and we will be working very hard in class to get ready for it.
The only homework for the week will be to study.  I try to impress the importance of NOT cramming the night before to a students, especially when we will be learning new information quickly.  Review each night to make sure it "sinks in".
Thanks, and here's to spring!!

Febuary Freeze week

With such a short week we are going to try to cram in some learning. 
No quizzes or tests this week. 
We are working on chapter 8, Stars and Galaxies.  Today we are finishing up a study on the sun that we started last Thursday, and beginning to look at apparent and absolute magnitude which we will wrap up tomorrow.

Week of 1/26

This week we will have a fit day on WEDNESDAY.  This is a day for students who need/want to retake tests and quizes to bring up grades.  I am making several of them retake the test from last Friday.  We went over it again today in class so students should be prepared, please help them study.
On Thursday and Friday we will be beginning our study of chapter 7.
PLEASE NOTE: Our first at home project has been assigned.  Student drew a planet and are to create a travel brochure for their planet.  Students received a template to use so they know what information needs to go where.  I also have a copy on here just in case.  IT WILL BE DUE FEB 2nd.

Week of 2/2

We made it to February!
Our projects are due TODAY!  (Please see previous post)
This week we are beginning out study of Chapter 7 and our solar system.  The student did a hand on activity last week on the formation of the solar system.  Today, (Monday) with the help of the planet brochures we are gather information about each planet.  For the rest of the week will be be making out way through the solar system with labs and other hand on activities. 
Friday we will focus on wrapping up and consolidating all that we have learned.
The test for this chapter will be TUESDAY THE 10th.
Have a great week!

Week of 1/20

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice long weekend!
This week we will wrap up study of chapter 6, and there will be a TEST on FRIDAY 1/23.
The only homework we have for the week is for tonight to finish the Note taking worksheet the students worked on in class, and to study for Friday!
Have a great week!

Final weeks before break

We are working on Chapter 13, and will wrap up section 1 today. We will start section 2 and do a quick lab on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday we will focus on section 3.  We will have a test over Chapter 13 next Wednesday 17th.
Section 1 notecards will be due on Tuesday, and section 2 notecards will be due on Thursday.
Also please note that we will have a FIT day on Thursday the 18th for any students who want/need to retake tests.