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I was born and raised in Jackson, TN and I am the fifth out of six children.  Immediately after graduating high school I attended the local community college and trained to become a paramedic.  I worked as a paramedic for three years (2004-2007) before moving to Idaho and completing my bachelor's degree in elementary education at Brigham Young University Idaho.  Upon completing my degree I moved back to Jackson, TN and taught first and second grade at Isaac Lane Elementary (2011-2014).  Upon moving to Memphis, I taught kindergarten (2014-2016), second grade (2017-2018) and fifth-grade math (2018-2019) at White Station Elementary.  I am excited to join the Bon Lin Middle family and teach sixth-grade math this school year.  Go Lynx!
All children are capable of learning and have a right to learn.  I am also a firm believer in physical activity as "Children must be healthy to learn and learn to be healthy." Children learn best when nurtured and challenged in an environment they feel safe enough to take academic risks in.  Mistakes are a gateway for learning.  Students will develop the confidence to overcome academic challenges.  My objective is to prepare children to become contributing members of society by nurturing them physically, academically, socially, and emotionally.
Paramedic Training: Jackson State Community College (2002-2004)
B.S Elementary Education--BYU Idaho (2008-2011)

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (2016-2017)
M.S Instruction and Curriculum Leadership--University of Memphis (2018-2019)
Isaac Lane Elementary--2nd Grade 2011-2012
Isaac Lane Elementary--1st Grade 2012-2014
Dexter Elementary--2nd Grade 2014-9/2014
White Station Elementary--Kindergarten 2014-2016
White Station Elementary--2nd Grade 2017-2018
White Station Elementary--5th Grade 2018-2019
Bon Lin Middle School--6th Grade Math 2019-Current
Birthday: May 27
Favorite Movies: The Greatest Showman
Favorite Foods: Mexican (Chips and Salsa)
Favorite Drink: Water (I do not drink coffee or tea.)
Favorite Treats: Reese's, Nutella, Ice Cream, Jerky
Hobbies: I am CrossFit coachbaker, and avid reader.
Favorite Children's Book: Wayside Stories
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
Favorite Scents: Vanilla, Lavender, Mahogany Teakwood