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Optional Learning Activities

Good morning students and parents, 
     I have selected Readworks and Moby Max to offer optional activities that are specific to your child's academic goals and education plan.  
The student can also continue to use the 8th grade activities on the Bartlett City School web site.
I have emailed the students their class codes, logins and passwords for both websites.
Moby Max is located in Clever, the students will need to login and take a placement test for reading comprehension and math befor they can begin activities. 
The students are familiar with Readworks and will find several reading passages to chose from. 
The students do not have to submit anything as I will be able to see their  participation and progress. If there is a problem the students may send me an email.
I also gave the students login/passwords to Prodigy. Which is an interactive game they can use to review basic math skills. 
Thanks and be well,
Mrs. Hopper

Bartlett City School optional learning activities week 1


Hey Y’all,

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other’s faces and heard each other’s voices, and I can honestly say that I miss all of you! Attached is the link to the optional learning activities BCS is offering. Let me know which activities you like. 

You will be receiving an email from me tomorrow with your login and password to Moby Max. This is a great website to review the skills you will need in the future in reading and math. When you login in you will need to take three placement assessments to identify your starting point. Moby Max is located in Clever, just find the Moby Max icon. 

"When students click Math, Language, or Foundational Reading, they complete a placement test to identify a starting point. All other modules start students on content according to their registered grade level. MobyMax then automatically assigns lessons to fix identified skill gaps. A student’s score on a lesson informs the next set of lessons that are automatically assigned; students only move on when they’ve mastered the topic at hand."

 I urge you all to be safe and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please contact me if you need me, I’m here for you. Stay tuned for emails about online (virtual chats).

All the best,

Mrs. Hopper





Homework due Friday: Golden/Hopper Language Arts



Make sure iXL and Readworks is complete for last this week and last.  

8th grade math dates to remember



Calculators Required!  Please make sure that your student has their own calculator!  It is very important that your student knows how to use their own calculator because they are not all alike. Tests are passed or failed based on your student's use of their tool.  Please set up your student for success!


TI30XS - multiview


Lesson Plans – 8th Grade Math – December 2 – 20 (Thanksgiving – Christmas)


Monday, December 2

I can generate multiple representations of linear functions.

Day 1 of 2

Students will work in groups to create a table, an equation, and a graph from a verbal description.  Work will be completed on a poster size piece of graph paper.


Tuesday, December 3

I can analyze multiple representations of linear functions.

Day 2 of 2

Students will hang their posters in the hallway.  All students will gallery walk and answer questions from the multiple representations.

If time allows, bring all posters inside and discuss each one.


Wednesday, December 4

I can practice function skills.

DeltaMath – Function skills (graded assignment – due Friday, December 13)


Thursday, December 5

I can generate multiple representations of linear functions.

Students will work on a Function booklet project – Graded assignment – due on Wednesday, December 11 (10 points off for late projects – no projects accepted after Friday)


Friday, December 6

Aimsweb Winter Benchmark



Monday, December 9

I can compare functions in different representations.

Flipchart – notes/practice problems (write an equation from a table when you can’t identify the y-intercept)


Tuesday, December 10

I can compare functions in different representations.

Students will work with a partner to complete a Scavenger Hunt.


Wednesday, December 11

I can compare functions in different representations.

Comparing Functions Task Cards

Functions Booklet Due (10 points off for late projects – no projects accepted after Friday)



Thursday, December 12

I can review all Functions skills.

Quizizz/IXL – review for Functions Unit Test


Friday, December 13

Unit test – FUNCTIONS



Monday, December 16

Review all skills for the Semester 1 Exam


Tuesday, December 17

Review all skills for the Semester 1 Exam


Wednesday, December 18


  • No FIT available
  • Test will be weighted 1.5 grades


Thursday, December 19

SLOPE Christmas Tree project – not graded


Friday, December 20

½ day – no math class


Readworks homework tonight!

Log into your account to see your homework!
Read works class code:
1st period: WKHTVQ
3rd period: BDCA5N
original password: 1234 
change to Golden1 or Golden3 depending on what period you have language arts. 

8th grade Tutoring Letter

Attached is the permission slip for your student to attend tutoring on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15
If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 
Nadine Hopper 
8th grade co-teacher

1st and 3rd period Language Arts homework

IXL 8th grade: Your goal is 85%
12/2 H1
12/4 K1
12/9 H2
12/11 K2
12/16 J1 & J2
12/18 J3
Read works class code:
1st period: WKHTVQ
3rd period: BDCA5N

8th grade class ring meeting 8:05 Sept.11th

There will be a short meeting on Wednesday to discuss 8th grade class ring orders. 

Aug. 26-30

Parents I wanted to let you know how proud I am of how hard your children are working this year!
Events for the week: 
Bon Lin Book Fair 8/26-8/30 The book store will be open during the Bon Lin Middle Open House also. 
Bon Lin Middle School Open House will be 8/29 (5:15-7:30) please plan on attending if possible. This is a great time to meet your child's teachers. 
Mrs. Lindsey and Mrs. Golden have detailed agenda for the week on their websites. Please review the agenda daily and work with your child to complete their homework and study for upcoming assessments. 
If you have any questions please contact me. 
I look forward to speaking to you at the open house!
Nadine Hopper

Week 2 8/19-8/23

Week 2


  • What does it mean to annotate?
    • Model / Review annotating expectations
    • Start Article of the Week (AOW)
      • “Bullying”
    • HWK: complete AOW; summer reading project (due Wednesday); study for test
  • 8thgrade parent meeting at 6 pm


  • What is the R.A.C.E. writing method?
    • Video / Notes about R.A.C.E.
    • Read Common Lit (CL) as a class and practice the R.A.C.E. method on constructed responses
    • HWK: complete CL; summer reading project (due Wednesday); study for test


 Wednesday & Thursday

  • Students will sign up for the summer reading test of choice.
  • The Story of Prometheus Parts one / two (summary template); & Sentence Frames
    • What we don’t finish Wednesday and Thursday, will be completed after the test Friday.
    • HWK: STUDY!!


  • Summer Reading Test
  • Complete incomplete tasks from Wednesday and Thursday


The agenda will likely change if laptops are distributed this week.

*** 8th Grade Meeting 6:00 Monday 8/19

*** Yearbook Pictures Wednesday 8/21