This year we are excited to announce that Bartlett City Schools will be holding it's 3rd  annual Science Fair but with a new twist…students can also choose to participate in the MAKER FAIRE portion instead.  The 2016 requirements were introduced to students today and examples have been shown in class.  While this is a required project, students will be able to choose from three different options: an engineering fair, a Maker Faire, or a research based report.  Science teachers will be using some class time to assist students with projects as well, although some footwork must be done outside of class.  This is not optional for students. Information for each can be obtained on my website or the Edmodo page. Maker Faire is a fun new way to have students enjoy science and concepts with three categories to choose from: art, demonstration, and innovation. Here is the key: boards optional, no scientific method, only originality with Maker Faire. At the website (http://makezine.com/projects/) you can find examples for maker faire.   Please feel free to contact your child's science teacher with any questions and have fun with it.