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Dear Parents or Guardians,

     With this letter I would like to introduce myself as your child’s new U.S. History teacher. Hopefully this academic term will be an exciting one for both the students and me. I have planned numerous activities for the upcoming semester to not only make class fun but also educational. Success will ultimately lie with not only me, but with the student and you. My expectations are very high and average will not cut it.

     If you have any questions, or if any issues arise, please contact me at Bon Lin Middle School or by email at . I will be glad to speak with you at any time. I look forward to working with your child this year. I also anticipate meeting you and learning how I might be of assistance to you and your child.


Mr. Fullen


Recent Posts

March 19th BW

What was the first state readmitted to the Union (USA)? Last? What do you think the numbers represent on the map? Why do you think many ex-confederates went West?

March 8th BW

What was the Colonist response to the Tea Act?
How many people died in the Boston Massacre?
Who made this picture?
What was its first title?
What secret organization did he belong to?
Can you name the 3 other most popular individuals in that group?
Where was it located?

March 7th BW

This person wrote the Declaration of Independence?
What state was he from?
Who was the United States declaring independence from?
What kind did they declare this from?
Who had the best signature on this?
Many years later what president restates this and what was it called?

March 6th BW

Use the chart below to answer the question.
-TX gained independence from MX in 1836
-TX was granted statehood in 1845
Which factor contributed MOST to the delay in TX becoming a state?

March 1st BW

Select three advantages General Sherman had in invading and capturing Atlanta.
a. Union forces outnumbered Confederate forces at that point in time.
b. Union troops were receiving plenty of supplies and equipment to defeat Confederate forces.
c. By this time in the war, Union soldiers were confident in their strength to overcome the Confederates.
d. Sherman was a fearsome leader who was willing to do what he could to help win the war for the Union.
e. The Confederates pushed Union troops back into Tennessee, preventing them form entering Georgia.

FEB 28th BW

According to the Northwest Ordinance, what would happen to an escaped slave that was found in the Northwest Territory?

FEB 26th BW

Multiple Select: Below you will find key aspects to the Lewis and Clark expedition select ALL that apply:

FEB 22nd BW

Which statement would have been made by a Federalist during the debate over ratification of the U.S. Constitution?

FEB 20th BW

We have studied 5 Supreme Court cases to this point, below you will find 5 clues. Please use your computer to find the names of these 5 cases:
-The Cherokee sued Georgia to stay on their native lands
-Adams attempted to place SC judges in office before he was to leave
-Monopoly case that allowed only one steamboat to operate between NJ and NY
-Dred Scott sued b/c he was still a slave in a free state and wanted his freedom
-Maryland sued the government over federal banks not paying taxes


1. A colonist who was seeking independence from the British was called a
2. Why was the NW Ordinance of 1787 important to an expanding US?