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Rules and Regulations

Classroom Rules:
-Use Common Sense (This is the only class rule, you are now in 8th grade, one year until high school, you know what school is about by now)
-Bellwork binder with two dividers (Notes, and Primary Sources)
-Something to write with, I don't care what it is
-Something to color with, I prefer colored pencils or crayons b/c they do not bleed through paper
Grading Scale:
-Social Studies classes use the total points method:
*Test: 100pts
*Quizzes: 100pts
*Classwork/Bellwork Checks: 100pts
*Homework: 100pts (I give them 10pts to start the year, and then homework is due every week on Tuesday for 9 weeks for a total of 90pts, this makes-up the 100pts. The homework will be given by the teacher in week 1 and it must be copied, by hand, for the next 9 wks. YES IT IS THE SAME HOMEWORK OVER AND OVER AGAIN, but it works as review for major concepts. The homework example can be found in the students US History bellwork folder).