Week 2



Week 2


  • What does it mean to annotate?
    • Model / Review annotating expectations
    • Start Article of the Week (AOW)
      • “Bullying”
    • HWK: complete AOW; summer reading project (due Wednesday); study for test
  • 8thgrade parent meeting at 6 pm


  • What is the R.A.C.E. writing method?
    • Video / Notes about R.A.C.E.
    • Read Common Lit (CL) as a class and practice the R.A.C.E. method on constructed responses
    • HWK: complete CL; summer reading project (due Wednesday); study for test


 Wednesday & Thursday

  • Students will sign up for the summer reading test of choice.
  • The Story of Prometheus Parts one / two (summary template); & Sentence Frames
    • What we don’t finish Wednesday and Thursday, will be completed after the test Friday.
    • HWK: STUDY!!


  • Summer Reading Test
  • Complete incomplete tasks from Wednesday and Thursday


The agenda will likely change if laptops are distributed this week.