Bon Lin Middle School

Art Challenge

Welcome to our creative outlet during this unexpected break.  I know that many people are worried during this time and frustrated that life can't continue as normal.  Waiting is not something we are used to in our fast paced lives.  Art can be a way to express want we can't say with words.  
Our main goal is to create and share what we have created.  Participation is completely optional and the projects are flexible.  You can create something completely different than the assignment and still share it with the group or share it just with me.
We will be submitting our creations using curve or email if you are not part of one of my classes (like an art club member).
The idea that I have is to keep your own sketchbook journal.  You can use a sketchbook the you already have or create one from found material.  You can also just create works of art on individual pages and not have a continuous book.  You can participate once, or every week.  This is simply an opportunity to stay connected.  
I plan on creating a photo gallery of the submitted works to share with everyone on this web site.  I can also set up a zoom meeting for anyone who wants to share in person or have a visual art session.