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Mrs. Leggett Art Room

This year I will be using this web site to post important class information.  We will continue to attempt to familiarize students with the curve and thrives platforms but for now this web site will become the my classrooms most useful tool.  I will be using the class options to post specific information for each class.  I will continue to use the group page to post newsletters and information that applies to all classes.  
I have been working on many helpful videos that will allow students additional practice with the skills that we are teaching in class as well as create a way to easily access material a student might have missed when they are not present.  I look forward to another great year here at Bon Lin Middle.
Katrina Leggett



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Welcome to the Art Room

This is a video tour of the art room to help explain expectation and procedures.

alphabet prctice sheet

Design your own creative alphabet font.  Pick a theme and create each letter using elements of the theme.  This is a practice assessment.  Be as creative as you can.  Craftsmanship is also important.  You have 30 minutes to work on your drawing.  We will evaluate them on day 2.