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Optional Oppotunities

I am offering some guided lessons and an opportunity to share whatever it is we are creating during our time at home.  Please check out the ideas that I have posted on the optional visual journals page.  If you would like to participate great.  If you would like to share other types of art you have created that is also a great idea.  I want to provide the opportunity to stay connected as a community.

6th Grade

This week we will take an open note 20 question quiz worth 40 points. The sixth grade quiz will be over art elements, contour line, and basic art terms.  

Q1 Week 6

This week we will take a twenty question open note quiz this week.  It is worth 40 points.  The seventh grade and eighth grade quiz will be over elements of art, parts of a still life and basic art terms.  

Art Club

This is the list of art club students for 2019-2020.  If you think that you turned in a form and are not on the list please email me as soon as possible.

Delta Fair

Congratulations to the students chosen to participate in this years Delta Fair contest.  Each school in the area is allowed to enter two artworks to compete for cash awards.  Representing the eighth grade is Kayley Perkins and Kelli Parham.  For the seventh grade we have Casey Bridges and Annalee Guthrie.  The final two students are Reagan Frost and Riley Fletcher.  Please support them by visiting the display.