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Guidance Resources, Activities, and Lessons during School Closure

To My Dear BLMS Family:


What a strange time we find ourselves in, Lynx.  Just a few weeks ago, we were counting down to Spring Break.  However, so much has changed in such a short amount of time.  We are home trying to balance family, social distancing, as well as trying to figure out what working from home looks like for all of us.  During this time in our country, it's important to remember what's going on around us is completely out of our control.


I've been focusing on what is within my control and finding moments of happiness.  Part of my happy is spending quality time with my two young sons. I have been able to bond with them in ways that are different than the typical school year. I have also been doing some crafting- making signs and shirts, etc. What are you doing to bring happiness to yourself?


Although Ms. Sumlar and I can't be in the physical presence of our students, we still want to be able to help you, our students, find your happy and know that we are there for you as well.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing lessons and activities of various topics in hopes that we can help with the adjustments that we are all having to make.


Please see below for some of these lessons and activities.


Missing you all!

Mrs. Mogy


Aroma Therapy Stress Balls


I love making these, even when I'm not stressed.  They are fun, creative, and something the whole family can do together.  I'm a fidgeter, so I personally love squeezing them, throwing them in the air, etc.  They are great for kids, teens, and adults.  I have made them in three different ways.  I've used the flour as recommended from the website but I have also used sand, rice, and even slime bought from dollar tree. Get the family together and give it a try.  Click on the link for instructions. https://oneessentialcommunity.com/aromatherapy-stress-balls/


Social/Emotional Activities


Activities and Pages include:

*Calming Scavenger Hunt

*Breathing Strategies Page

*Things I can control or let go

*Positive self talk

*50 Reasons to be Thankful

*Weekly Gratitude Journal Page

*Hygiene tips cooking page


Click on the PDF below to access pages.



Stress Management


Our lives have definitely changed in ways we never would have imagined. Many of us are feeling more stressed and anxious these days. Social distancing because of COVID 19 is the best thing we can do right now to decrease the risk of spreading the virus in our communities.  But self-isolation can be really stressful.  Kids, too, may be feeling stressed and worried.  However, there are things you can do for yourself and your child to lower stress during this time or uncertainty.  Stress can affect anyone who feels overwhelmed-even kids.  Somethings parents can do to help their child deal with stress are:


  1.  Establish a Routine.  Try to do things at the same time each day.  Wake up, get dressed, eat at the same time.
  2. Stay Connected.  To remain connected to friends and family, do virtual meetups, FaceTime, etc.  There are many ways to remain connected in this day and age of social distancing.
  3. Self-Care.  Set aside time every day for kids to do something for themselves or have quiet time. Make sure your kids get enough sleep, eat healthy and have some type of physical exercise each day.
  4.  Go outside whenever possible.
  5.  Limit social media and watching the news.
  6.  Check in with your child to see how he or she is feeling.
  7.  Plan activities such as fun games, puzzles
  8.  Focus on The Positive.  Reassurance and positive self-talk can go a long way.



For other suggestions click on the following stress management workbook. 




Physical Education/Health and Wellness


Other Internet Resources




Internet Safety 


Suggested activity

Read the PDF powerpoint from below and discuss some of the topics with your child.  NetSmartzWorkshop offers the tip sheet “Social Media Safety for Teens” at https://www.lmsd.org/uploaded/documents/Academics/tip-sheets/social_networking_tips_teens.pdf   


Have teens read it and discuss why they are or are not following the tips. 


NetSmartz also has many other resources such as internet safety activities, lessons and videos for students to watch.