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Counseling Clubs and Activities

Counseling Clubs and Activities



I am so excited about beginning some exciting clubs and activities here at Bon Lin! If you were a student/parent here last year, you will find that they are essentially the same. So, if you did not get a chance to be a part of these activities last year, we urge you to apply this year! As for our new students and parents, we are overjoyed that you have become a part of our family, and we hope that you become involved in the counseling department! Below, you will find descriptions of the clubs and application forms for each. Please note that all applications are due no later than September 7th.


Big Brothers and Big Sisters Mentoring Program

Mentors are 7th and 8th grade students who pair up with 6th grade students to help them feel comfortable in the middle school setting. They serve as big brothers or big sisters with tips on how to become successful at BLMS. Their emphasis is on assisting 6th grade students with organization skills so that the Little Brothers or Little Sisters can become confident middle school learners. Big Brothers and Big Sisters visit with their 6th grade student at the end of each school day (2:45 pm) and help the 6th grade student pack up and get organized for the evening. 6th grade students who are interested in having a Big Brother or Big Sisters assist them need to email Mrs. Mogy at or Ms. Sumlar at The Big Brother/ Big Sister helps the 6th grade student for about one semester or until the 6th grade student no longer needs assistance.


Lynx Ambassadors

Lynx Ambassadors are 7th and 8th graders trained to showcase Bon Lin Middle School. They give tours and speak to individuals and groups about the advantages of being a Lynx. They serve as hosts to visitors, Career Day participants, and help to plan the 6th grade Student Orientation. Ambassadors also complete community outreach projects. They must be responsible, solid students who can be depended upon to catch up on any missed work when they perform duties during regular class time. They must demonstrate Lynx pride and show outstanding character and leadership. It is a competitive process to become a Lynx Ambassador and students must have outstanding teacher recommendations to be considered.