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How School Counselors Work with Students

How do School Counselors Work with Students?

Classroom Guidance

Guidance lessons are presented in every classroom. The lessons teach skills such as conflict resolution, bully awareness, study skills, test taking strategies, social skills, and career exploration.

Individual Counseling

Short-term individual counseling is available to students at the request of parents, students, and teachers to meet the needs of all students expressing difficulties dealing with academic, personal concerns, or other struggles.

Small Group Counseling

Group counseling is available to all students, and may be requested by parents, students, or teachers. Groups last about 6 weeks and focus on topics such as friendship, anger management, family changes, grief and loss, study skills, and social skills.

*Parental permission slips are sent home prior to a student’s participation in small group series and/or a series of individual counseling sessions.