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Course Expectations

Bon Lin Middle School

Physical Education Course Outline

Coach Craig, Coach Dowtin, and Coach Randolph


Course Objective

The purpose of the Bon Lin Middle Physical Education classroom is to create an active environment that allows all students to be mentally and physically active so that they may understand the effects of physical activity for total body health.  Students will be mentally challenged as well as physically challenged so that they may understand and appreciate what their bodies are capable of doing.

Student Expectations

Participation: Class participation is necessary for a good grade in this class. A doctor’s note(preferred) or parental note is required to be excused from class as a result of any injuries/illness.  Students with injuries or illness may be required to complete alternative work.

Conduct: Good student behavior and on-task activity is essential for an effective learning environment.  Good behavior includes following directions the first time given, showing a positive attitude, and respecting the boundaries of others.  On-task behavior includes following classroom rules and daily procedures as well as trying to participate in the day’s class activity.


Class Rules:

  • 3 Whistle Blows: STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN
  • Listen quietly while the teacher is talking.
  • Follow directions the first time.
  • Keep hands off other students.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings at all times
  • Do not interfere with the play or practice of others.
  • Always show good sportsmanship.
  • Be Ready
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible


PE Dress Code Requirements: Students must wear athletic shoes and follow the Bon Lin Middle School dress code outlined at registration. à  Students must wear athletic shoes to participate in class. 

Lack of appropriate attire will result in an automatic 0 for the day of class.


Behavioral Consequences: Consequences will be administered by the teacher on a case by case basis.  Punishments will be determined to best fit each particular student and the poor choices he/she made.  Consequences may include an after class discussion, phone call home, parent/teacher conference, writing assignment, detention, meeting with the principal, etc. Lesser consequences will be documented as minor referrals, major consequences will be documented as a major referrals.



Classroom Expectaions:


  • Students should enter the room, sit in his/her assigned seat and work on any beginning class assignments. When the late bell rings-- class starts.
  • When it is your class’s turn to change clothes, quickly change and leave the locker room, and return to your seat. Students who do not meet this expectation will be counted late.  Several tardies will result in conduct consequences.
  • No food, or drink (other than water) will be allowed in the gymnasium (any open food stuffs or liquid containers will be promptly thrown away).
  • For personal hygiene reasons, students are encouraged, to wear deodorant in PE class (stick deodorant only, no spray-on).
  • Do not play in, on, or around the Cheer mats.
  • Absolutely no Lotion
  • Do not enter the office or storage room without a Coach’s permission.


Locker-room: Each is student is responsible for his/her own locker.  The only person responsible for lost and/or stolen items is the student.  Students must bring their own combination lock that must be used in PE.   Additionally, the locker-room is expected to remain neat and orderly.  Students that are not dressed out must leave their items in the locker room hallway.


Assessment and Grading

Students may receive up to 100 points weekly.  Students will be assessed on their daily effort and participation in class.  A lack of participation or poor effort will result in a loss of daily points.  In addition, students should expect physical fitnessl assessments quarterly.  The following grading scale will be implemented by the Physical Education team:


Participation – 70%

Physical Tests – 30%