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Hello! My name is Mrs. Spuryer, and I work in the Department of Exceptional Children. I am the 6th grade co-teacher and Learning Lab instructor for Bon Lin MIddle. I am very excited to be a part of Bartlett City Schools, and am looking forward to a great year. Please feel free to contact me at
You may be wondering, "What is a "Co-teaching" class? Why does my child have two teachers in their classroom?"
Co-teacing initially began as a collaboration between general education teachers and special education teachers in response to Public Law 94-142 ( IDEA) legislation.  It's federal law. Co-teacing classrooms can effectively, positively impact ALL student achievement.  
What is Co-Teaching? Co-teaching is when a general education teacher and a special education teacher share the responsibilities of planning lessons, delivering instruction, and assessing skills in a heterogeneous classroom. Co-teaching allows for all students to receive a standards based education in a least restrictive environment.
Why Co-Teaching? (other than it's the law!)
The Benefits Of Being in A Co-Taught Classroom
• Increased appreciation of differences
• Increased teacher time and attention
• Alternate methods of teaching
• Social skills instruction
• New and lasting friendships
• Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
• Strong sense of a classroom community
• Study skills instruction
• Increased test scores
Countless other benefits!
So, which one is my child’s teacher? Both!
Why is my child in this class if my child is not special education? The class is a standard class, just like any other, only with two teachers. Special education is a service, provided by a teacher, not a classroom placement. The class is a heatergenous class.  ( but aren't they all?) 
What if the pacing is too slow or too fast because of the varying levels?  Because there are extra adults in the room, your child will get a custom education. ALL students receive improved instruction!
Things to Remember:
All kids can learn.
All kids can make friends.
All kids can be a friend.
All kids can participate.
All kids can be successful.
All kids can have fun.
All kids can contribute.
All kids have strengths.

Parents:  I use a great system titled REMIND. It enables me to send you or your child text messages and/or emails to remind them of homework, important announcements, project due dates, etc.  If you are interested in joining this group, which you can also get as an app to your phone, please contact me with your phone number or child's phone number, and I will send you an invitation to join. 
Check out my Language Arts and Math co-teaching page on this site for class overviews, HW, and reminders of assignments for class.  I also try to include weekly tutorials, pictures or tips for what we are working on in class. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Mrs. Spuryer