Bon Lin Middle School


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This year will prove to be a transition year as we combine old knowledge, add new knowledge, and prepare for physical science and chemistry. It is more than just labs and assignments, but really having students develop their own projects while learning about the background principles related to that project. I ask that my students learn and memorize their target concepts. This will be a grade each unit.

Student Supply List for Science:
- 1 composition book (any color)
- 1 floppy folder with brads and pockets (any color)
- 1 fine point expo marker (preferably black)
- Post It notes (3x3, any color)
- basics: pencils, paper, pens

Major Units of Study:
1. Electromagnetism
2. Gravity
3. Classification
4. Periodic table
5. acids and bases
6. Fossil Records
7. Law of conversation of mass
8. Chemical and physical changes
9. Biodiversity and adaptions
10. Elements, compounds, and mixtures