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STEM Designers is a fundamental middle school course that trains students to define problems and methodically answer the question, “What is the solution?” Upon completion of this course, proficient students understand that engineering design is a process of developing solutions to problems and challenges in order to meet the needs of society. Students continue to apply the practices for science and engineering learned in STEM Explorers and STEM Innovators; however, STEM Designers places more emphasis on practices such as using mathematics and computational thinking; designing solutions; engaging in argument from evidence; and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. In addition to gaining a deep understanding of the relationship between engineering and design, students who complete this course will learn how both innovation and engineering design result in new technologies that benefit humans. Standards in this course are aligned with Tennessee State Standards in English Language Arts & Literacy in Technical Subjects and Tennessee State Standards in Mathematics.*
This year students will participate in the STEM challenger series (2-3 units), build and race CO2 cars, study architectural design, robotics, etc. 

Note: Students are expected to use engineering notebooks to document procedures, design ideas, and other notes for all projects throughout the course. This is a graded course based on the AE school rubric.

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