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6-8 Visual Art

Welcome to our BLMS visual art site! 
Here you can find class updates and featured work from student artists. Enjoy!
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Current Projects: 
6.1 & 6.2: Color Wheel: Tints/Shades
7S: Georgia O'Keefe inspired watercolor flowers
8.1, & 8.2: Thiebaud inspired watercolor cakes
6E: Color Wheel: tints/shades/tones
7E: Sculpy Dynamic Sculptures
8E: Inspiration Scribble Art
Current Sketchbook Assignment(s):
Interacting Characters: Divide your page into at least 5 panels and create a character within each panel. Every character must interact in some way with a character in a different panel.

Recent Posts

West TN Art Competition

Congratulations to the students with work selected to the West TN Art Competition:
-Jimmy Sanders "Artception Self-Portrait"
-Kayley Perkins "Pink Pit Stop"
-Savannah Scott "Eye of the Wolf"
-Miranda Muellenmeister "Breathing Color"
-Mauriz Mendizabel "Self Portrait" 
Special congrats to Mauriz, whose piece won 3rd place!

Zentangle Instructions

Zentangle: Using pages 3 & 4 in your sketchbook, fill both pages with a Zentangle design. A Zentangle is an image made up of patters. There must be a minimum of 10 patterns and the focus is on craftsmanship. 

Digital Portfolio/Artist Statement

Create an Art folder on your desktop by selecting "File" and then "New Folder". Create a digital portfolio using keynote on your computer. Save this as "Your Name Digital Portfolio" and save it to your art folder.
First Slide: "Digital Portfolio by Insert Your Name"
Second Slide: Title Your Work/Date/and insert a picture of your portfolio cover
Third Slide: Artist Statement
   Write a paragraph about your piece including the following information:
    -Explain your process for creating your design.
    -What were the four things you included in your work about you & how do         they describe you?
    - What was the most successful part of your project and why?
    -What part of your project could use improvement and why?

-Congrats to Jimmy Sanders for winning a gold key in scholastic!
-Congrats to our Honorable Mentions in Scholastic! --Lyndsey Willis, Madysen Whitfield, Olivia McClain, and Mauriz Mendizabel.
-Art Club Wednesday until 4:15