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Mrs. Leggett Art Room

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Art with Mrs. Leggett.  I am so excited to start my 20th year teaching art.  There is always something new to learn so come with an open mind, ready to explore and grow.
I will use this web site to keep students up to date with assignments in the classroom.




Recent Posts

A total eclipse and the Arts

 As you are probably aware we have a once in a lifetime oppertunity on Monday, a solar eclipse.  The enriched class will be creating eclipse inspired artwork.  Stay tuned to see our wonderful  creations.

What's Happening in the Art Room

 Welcome to the second week of school.  So far we have been working on getting to know you projects that will help us stay organized throughout the year.    We are creating sketchbook covers and portfolio covers that need to tell who we are through visual elements.

Art Grading Policy

This is a copy of the visual rubric that I use in art class.  It will explain how art is graded.  Please note that completing an assignment is essential to earning a passing score.