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This year I will be using this web site to post important class information.  We will continue to attempt to familiarize students with the curve and thrives platforms but for now this web site will become the my classrooms most useful tool.  I will be using the class options to post specific information for each class.  I will continue to use the group page to post newsletters and information that applies to all classes.  
I have been working on many helpful videos that will allow students additional practice with the skills that we are teaching in class as well as create a way to easily access material a student might have missed when they are not present.  I look forward to another great year here at Bon Lin Middle.
Katrina Leggett




Recent Posts

August 11-14

This week in art class we will continue to work on drawing from observation.  Different classes are on different parts of this lesson.  Please check the individual classes.

September 5-8

 This week we will sew the sketchbook and assign the first three pages for all classes except AE.  The second day we will begin to work on drawing from observation.  The sketchbook page layouts and work habits will be worth 20 points in the grade book and will be recorded as Week 5.
AE art design will continue to work on drawing from observation.  We are completing the drawing booklet and will begin on a drawing of one object from three different viewpoints.

First 3 sketchbook assignments

 These are the first 3 sketchbook assignments for all classes except AE art design.  We will be sewing the sketchbook and creating a layout for the first 3 assignments.  All assignments should be started in the book but they do not all have to be completed by the end of the quarter. 

Grading information

 Next week will be the due date for the first project.  For this half of the nine weeks we will have 6 grades. 
Week 1: information worksheet and work habits. 20 points
Week 2: brainstorming and work habits. 20 points
Week 3: lettering practice and work habits. 20 points
Week 4: Projects due
Written reflection 25 points
sketchbook cover 50 points 
portfolio cover 50 points
Work habits include: being ready for class, staying on task, meeting daily objectives, using supplies correctly, cleaning up work area, and being respectful to each other and the teacher.

A total eclipse and the Arts

 As you are probably aware we have a once in a lifetime oppertunity on Monday, a solar eclipse.  The enriched class will be creating eclipse inspired artwork.  Stay tuned to see our wonderful  creations.

What's Happening in the Art Room

 Welcome to the second week of school.  So far we have been working on getting to know you projects that will help us stay organized throughout the year.    We are creating sketchbook covers and portfolio covers that need to tell who we are through visual elements.