Bon Lin Middle School

Updated Car Rider Morning Drop-off & Afternoon Pick-Up UPDATE 10-15-2020

Please see the attached PDF diagrams with the Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures, 
In the morning, 7th and 8th grade students will be dropped off at the front door. Teachers and staff will be outside to direct traffic. All cars should be stopped before your student exits the vehicle. 
After students have entered the building, the teachers and staff will release the cars to exit campus.
The 6th grade students will continue to be dropped off at the end of the hallway by the back parking lot, near the elementary school. Teachers and staff will be outside to direct traffic. All cars should be stopped before your student exits the vehicle.
In the afternoon, 6th and 8th grade students are picked-up at the same location at which they were dropped off in the morning. The 7th grade students will be picked up in the front parking lot, at the end of the hallway.
Students will not be allowed to be on the laptops while waiting for their rides. Please stress the importance of students actively looking for their rides while waiting. 
Students should wait until all cars are stopped before moving to the curb to enter their vehicle. Teachers and staff will direct cars and release them to exit campus. 
If you have students at Bon Lin in different grades, you can choose which drop-off and pick-up locations to use for both students, but it will be your student's responsibility to be at the correct pick-up point. 
Students are expected to maintain appropriate physical distancing to the extent possible while waiting for their ride. Students should not be on their school device while waiting for their ride, and should instead by actively looking for their car. 
Car should NOT drive into oncoming traffic to get around other cars. Safety is our primary concern. This year drop off and pick up are going to take longer, especially the first couple of days. Please be patient and safe while waiting to drop off or pick up your student. 
**In the afternoon, cars leaving campus will be able to take RIGHT TURNS only to get onto Germantown Rd. This is per Bartlett PD, to expedite traffic leaving campus, allowing for a safer and quicker student pick up.