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Canvas (LMS)

Canvas is our Learner Management System (LMS).  Students will be able to access and turn in assignments via Canvas.  Please talk to your child's teachers about assignments on Canvas.  Parents are encouraged to create a parent observer account to be able to see what the students are assigned on Canvas. 
Students will access Canvas via Clever. 
Parents will access Canvas at
Directions to set up the Parent Observer Account can be found in the file section below. You must you a computer web browser to set the account up.
Helpful Tips:
  • The first instructions have to be done on the student’s laptop, under the student’s account. Ask your child to login in to their account, go to settings, and you will see the pairing code on the top right.
  • You have to set your account up on a computer first- not a phone or tablet
  • Once you set it up on the computer, you can go to settings in your account and you will see a mobile login QR code that you scan in the Canvas app to connect the app and your computer account.  
A Canvas Parent and Student App is available for use once the account is set up. 
parent app
student app