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Our Mission

Bon Lin Middle School - Our Mission
We as a community educate all students to be successful learners, who are respectful of individualities and responsible citizens.
1.We will commit to be compassionate educators and practice kindness to our students, parents, other faculty members, and staff.
2.We will remember our primary focus is to provide a solid academic foundation for our students and to prepare them for a challenging high school environment.
3.We will work to motivate, encourage, and monitor each student on a regular basis to provide the education necessary for the student to become proficient in all areas.
4.We will emphasize the academic structure of the day.
5.We will provide a consistent level of instruction throughout each classroom to provide a guaranteed and equitable education for all students.
6.We will hold students accountable for academic growth through a system of high expectations.
7.We will hold teachers, administrators, staff members, and parents accountable for being equally involved and ultimately responsible for student academic growth.