Bon Lin Middle School

Q2 Enrollment Choice--Important

Good afternoon,


A second parent choice enrollment window will run September 14-17. The selection made at this time will be a commitment for the second nine-weeks or until further notice. You will make your selection for each child in your PowerSchool Parent Portal linked here. If a selection is not made by 5:00 PM Thursday, your student will be defaulted to their current learning choice. As we begin the second nine-weeks on October 19, we will be following the same social distancing and mask requirements that are currently in place. Schedules, particularly in grades K-8, may be adjusted based on enrollment choices made. Our plan is subject to change based on the health situation in Shelby County and changes in guidance and/or orders from the Shelby County Health Department; local, county, or state government; or state or federal law. Our mission remains to provide a safe learning environment for our students and teachers, and it is our hope that the safety restrictions can be less restrictive as the situation improves over the course of the school year. The local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains fluid, and necessary additional changes to our plans will be communicated to our students and families as they are made.


If you are having issues logging into your parent portal, please reach out to your child’s school or email for support.



Thank you,