Bon Lin Middle School

Medication & Cell Phone Policy Reminders

We would like to remind everyone of our procedures for having students take medication while at school and our cell phone policy.

 Students are not allowed to have any medication with them during the day. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medication. Parents must complete the necessary Parent Authorization form at the school when they bring the medication to the office. Students should not be sent to school with medication to turn into the office. BCS Policy 6011 includes additional details regarding medication in school.

 Regarding the use of cell phones at BLMS, BCS Policy 6023 does allow for students to have their cellphone with them if “authorized by a teacher for instructional purchases.” Students are allowed to have their cell phones in their backpacks, purses, or pockets during the school day if they are turned OFF and put away. Using cell phones without permission or outside of the instructional guidelines authorized by the teacher is prohibited. Receiving or sending text messages and phone calls with parents and family members during the school day are also prohibited. The procedures for cell phone violations can be found in the BLMS Handbook on the school website, under Students--> School Policies.