Bon Lin Middle School

Social Studies 2nd Period

Monday 8/31:

    • Take Rome Map Quiz (on Edulastic - link on Clever)
    • Fill-in blank map of Continents and Oceans and begin learning map
    • Make sure BOTH lessons on Edgenuity are finished from last week (“Rise of Rome” and “The Republic of Rome”)

Tuesday 9/01:

    • Who’s Who of Ancient Rome Part 1 (PowerPoint & Guided Notes)

Wednesday 9/02:

    • Be prepared to submit guided notes for teacher check
    • Who’s Who of Ancient Rome Part 2 (PowerPoint & Guided Notes)

Thursday 9/03:

    • “Strip the City” Video and questions-- Remember I am out, so this is done and submitted on Curve

Friday 9/04:

    • Rome’s Lasting Contributions (PowerPoint & Guided Notes)


Reminders & Due Dates:

    • Submit new Syllabus signature page (by 9/4/2020)
    • MAP QUIZ: Monday 8/31 on Ancient Rome
    • On your own time, you should be:
        • Studying Ancient Rome vocabulary (found on Quizlet), Quiz date TBD
        • Studying Continents and Oceans map, Quiz on Tuesday 9/8
        • Work on Digital Book Project for Ancient Rome (instructions on Curve), due when we finish Ancient Rome unit


*Remember, all course content, links, and assignments are posted on CURVE!

*Links to websites (ex: Edulastic, Quizlet, etc) are found on CLEVER!