Bon Lin Middle School


¡Bienvenidos to my Spanish class!


Being bilingual will provide you with many wonderful opportunities, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world (and the easiest to learn). The goal for this class is to build the students vocabulary, and participate in short conversations, students in this class will be acquiring a second language. Acquired proficiency come from our unconscious internal mental representation of the language, a linguistic system we build in our minds, an not from learned facts, lists, and formulae.




Parents please remember that learning a second language is better accomplished by immersion, that’s why I will try to speak to the students in Spanish at least 80 % of the time, giving them simple commands and then translate, I will continue doing this for the whole year, however for simple and repetitive phrases eventually I won’t translate, usually by the second semester. Every child has the opportunity to be successful in my classroom if he/she comes prepared and willing to participate and listen.


I am a native Spanish speaker, I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and a Master Degree in Arts of Teaching. I taught for two years in the Bilingual Optional school at Shelby County Schools in first grade which gave me the opportunity to know how the language is developed in both English and Spanish, this is my third year at Bon Lin Middle school, I am looking forward to a great year of Spanish, as we have fun learning vocabulary, culture, singing Latino songs and watching some movies to enrich your child knowledge and literacy. 


For Spanish 1 Honors we will add more with grammar because they need to be prepared for Spanish II for High School, since this class will be credited as a High school class, and this will give your student the opportunity to receive an extra year of Spanish, and even participate in the National Spanish Examinations, (The National Spanish Examinations are online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 6 -12, given voluntarily by about 4000 teachers throughout the United States to measure performance, interpretive communication, and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language), but we will also have a lot of fun.



My class schedule is:


1st Period – Exploratory Spanish 6th grade

2nd Period – Exploratory Spanish 6th grade

3rd Period Planning

4th Period – Exploratory Spanish 8th grade

5th Period – Computer Class (M-T)/Exploratory Spanish (W-F) 7th grade

6th Period – Spanish 1 Honors